Tuesday, June 19, 2012

grant news

I am happy to announce that our neighborhood will receive twenty "street trees" this fall through funding provided by the City of Bloomington's Housing and Neighborhood Development Department Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program. This is the grant opportunity that Barb Fischer presented at our March membership meeting. I signed the paperwork to make our acceptance of the grant fficial today. These trees will be planted this fall between the sidewalk and street of 2 houses on Allendale, 2 on Wellington, 3 on Bainbridge, 2 on Laura Way, and 1 on Mercedes. Residents of the homes getting trees have supplied their tree species preferences, and the city will purchase trees accordingly. This fall we will ask for volunteers and have a tree planting party. The City will help with this effort as well, and we are expecting the planting to be completed in one morning or afternoon. This will be our first Sherwood Oaks Neighbors project and we look forward to it being a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and community building.

We can share additional information at our summer meeting, which will be held in September--stay tuned for details. Have a great summer!