Monday, November 26, 2012

First Annual Miles of Lights in Sherwood Oaks Dec. 9, 2012

Dear Sherwood Oaks Neighbors,

December is rapidly approaching and we would love to begin an annual Miles of Lights year-end neighborhood tradition with you. Please join us for a memorable evening of celebrating a year of community and fellowship among neighbors by lining our sidewalks with candlelight. We invite you to stroll our sidewalks or drive our streets and see our neighborhood transformed by the glow of hundreds of paper luminaries.

Several neighbors have volunteered for the Sherwood Oaks Neighbors luminary committee. We have decided this year to limit the display primarily to the main thoroughfares of Allendale, Bainbridge, Westminster, Laura Way, and Heather Drive. The committee will be responsible for placing, lighting, and cleaning up the luminaries. In future years we hope to have greater participation from neighbors and expand the display to the entire neighborhood.

The luminaries consist of a votive candle placed in sand in a paper white bag. Approximately 4 luminaries will be placed to line the sidewalks in front of each house. On Sunday December 9th we will place the bags late afternoon, light the candles at 6pm, and have everything cleaned up by Monday evening, December 10th. If you wish to light and clean up the luminaries in front of your house you are welcome to do so. Cash or candle donations are also welcome.

If you are not already on the Sherwood Oaks Neighbors e-mail list we invite you to subscribe by e-mailing Sherwood Oaks Neighbors is a non-restrictive City of Bloomington neighborhood association created in 2011 to foster community growth in Sherwood Oaks 1 & 2. For more information please visit our web page at

Warm regards,

Sherwood Oaks Neighbors luminary planning committee

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

new sign landscaping

We had a great turn out for landscaping the Sherwood Oaks entrance sign at the corner of Winslow and Allendale. Thanks to Bob, Oliver, Ron, Dexter, Randall, Tom, and Brenda for all their work. The landscaping plants were chosen with the help of Bloomington Valley Nursery for both beauty and easy maintenance. In the spring we may add a few more flowering plants to heighten the color around the sign. Please take a look at our improved entrance as you drive by. It was a great neighborhood project that embodies what Sherwood Oaks Neighbors is trying to accomplish in our wonderful neighborhood. If folks would like to donate to offset the cost that would be much appreciated. Bob was willing to cover the cost but I think we oughta reimburse him as much as we can and hopefully there will be some leftover funds for spring planting too. If you want to contribute please e-mail sherwood oaks neighbors and we'll give you Bob's address (he is also serving as our treasurer).

Thanks to Bob and everyone who helped today.

Thursday, November 8, 2012