Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Minutes: SON Meeting October 21, 2013

Sherwood Oaks Neighbors Meeting Minutes  OCTOBER 21, 2013
Fireside Room, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

1. Call to order
Lisa Wrasse welcomed all in attendance. Approximately 20 attendees introduced themselves and reported the street where they live.

2. Bylaws
Lisa reports that the SON bylaws indicate that an executive committee be maintained.The committee is to be elected every two years. The current exec committee members will have served two years as of spring 2014. If anyone is interested in being on the committee please e-mail Election to be held at the next meeting.

3. Trail to Sherwood Oaks Park
The trail down to the park off Linda Way is now complete.  Thank you Fischers and Smiths for donating property bordering the sidewalk. We received a grant for the materials (City of Bloomington HAND Neighborhood Improvement Grant), and labor was provided by Wes Clark, his Boy Scout troop, SON volunteers, friends, & family. Wes completed the improvements as his Eagle Scout Project.  Thank you, Wes.  If there are other project ideas for the neighborhood, please e-mail or post on the SON Facebook page. 

4. Tree Project
Last year, SON received a grant with the City of Bloomington to have trees planted along the streets in the neighborhood.  The City has contacted us again and offered to plant additional trees spring 2014 at no cost and without the writing of a grant.  If you are interested to see if your property would qualify for free trees, please contact Barb Fischer at, or e-mail

5. New neighbors
Discussion held about welcoming new neighbors.  We could use a volunteer to coordinate this effort on a regular basis.  If you are interested in doing this please e-mail   A flyer about our SON group and City of Bloomington magnets are available to distribute to new families. If you don't want to coordinate new neighbor outreach on a regular basis but just personally want to reach out to new neighbors please contact SON and we can pass along flyers and magnets to folks as needed.

6. Treasurer Report
Treasurer Bob Boch reports we have $171.00.  Nothing has been spent. 

7. Sign Painting
The Sherwood Oaks sign at Allendale and Winslow Road needs painting. Bob Boch has volunteered to pressure wash the sign.  We are looking for someone with some professional skills who might be willing to paint the sign. Art Lyon volunteered. Bob and Art will work together to get this done when the weather cooperates.

8. Crawford House
Bob Bock reported he is still the liaison between neighborhood and Crawford House apartments.  There have been no issues to date.

9. Luminary display
Discussion held regarding Miles of Lights luminary display in the neighborhood again this year. No date was decided upon but the time will be 6-9pm.  Lisa will send an e-mail to see what dates are best for residents.  Discussion held that we would still do the main streets and if there are more volunteers this year, we could expand to some side streets especially those streets or cul-de-sacs visible from the main streets.  Bags and sand will be donated.  We will need to have votive candles donated or purchased out of our budget. Discussion also held might be nice to do the same weekend as the Sherwood Oaks Christian Church drive thru nativity display.  Lisa will  check dates. Will be needing more volunteers for each street. And, if someone would like to volunteer to coordinate this entire project, that would be lovely. Be looking for emails on this topic.
10. Miscellaneous
Thanks to Bob Boch for the donation of SON meeting signs.  The dates and times of future meetings can be written on bottom of signs.

Discussion held about block parties.  Several attendees mentioned that some of the smaller streets or cul-de-sacs already have block parties.  Attendees were encouraged to organize block parties if interested.  Discussion held about possible ice cream social in SO park or potentially a 4th of July parade. Suggestion to involve neighbhorhood youth. 
Discussion held about a neighborhood wide garage sale, possibly to be coordinated with the Peppergrass garage sale. These items will be added to the next SON meeting agenda.

Reminder that we have a Neighborhood Watch program. Our neighborhood rep is Ceci Schrock (

Discussion held that some older homes in SO may have aluminum wiring.  One resident recently upgraded to copper wiring and was advised by insurance agent that older homes with aluminum wiring may be not be able to be insured in future (in case of possible sale of home). 

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

Brenda L. Ogborn

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Work Complete on Jackson Creek/Linda's Way Connector Trail

Thanks to City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Neighborhood Improvement Grant for helping to fund improvements to the trail through the woods connecting Linda's Way and Jackson Creek Trail roundabout. Thanks also to neighborhood Eagle Scout candidate Wes Clark, his family, & Scout troop for constructing new bridges and all the work yesterday clearing brush, spreading mulch, & installing the bridges. And, last but not least, thank you to all the volunteers who helped!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Volunteers needed to work at Sherwood Oaks Park Saturday, October 12th

This Saturday, Oct. 12, 9am-noon we can use volunteers to help with the final phase of work on the wooded trail from Linda's Way to the Jackson Creek Trail roundabout. Bloomington Parks Department will deliver new mulch for spreading and will haul material cleared from the trail; Boy Scouts will install new bridges. If you are able to help please meet at the trail and bring rakes, shovels, work gloves, clippers, and any other tools you may have for clearing out plants. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Meeting Announcement

Please mark your calendars for the next Sherwood Oaks Neighbors meeting: Monday, October 21st, 7:00pm, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church (Fireside Room--Door 20).  This will be an important planning meeting for the December Luminary display. We will also have updates on other neighborhood news. Hope you can make it!