Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sherwood Oaks Neighbors Meeting Scheduled for November 11, 2014

Darryl Neher, our City Councilman, and Tom Micuda, the Bloomington Director of Planning and Transportation, will be at our next Sherwood Oaks Neighbors meeting to discuss plans for the south side of Bloomington. This will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions and give input on development on our side of town.  As you have probably noticed, the property behind Pizza Hut is for sale and zoned for multi-family use so this is one area of concern.  In addition to the south side discussion we will also plan our December luminary display.  If you are going to go to any Sherwood Oaks meeting this year, this is probably THE one to attend.  We are not doing meeting announcement flyers this time because they do not appear to be terribly effective. What does work is word of mouth. Please invite your neighbors to the meeting and feel free to print this e-mail post to give to them. Thank you!!
Sherwood Oaks Neighbors meeting
Tuesday, November 11, 7PM
Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Room 361

Sherwood Oaks Neighbors Executive Committee,
Bob Boch, Tisa Bowden, Juan Carrasquel, Judy DeVore, Pat & Jim Jeffries, Lauren Morrison  Brenda Ogborn, & Lisa Wrasse