Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Little Free Library has moved a few blocks

The Sherwood Oaks Little Free Library was recently moved to better accommodate traffic flow.  Please come visit at the new location: corner of Allendale & Essex.  Thanks!

Miles of Lights luminary display 2014

MILES OF LIGHTS EVENT - Sunday December 14th at Dusk

Candle-lit Sidewalks - Just like previous years with as many candles in paper sacks as we can possibly line up along the main thoroughfare and side streets. This year the display will take place on December 14th from 5pm to 8pm with a rain date of the 21st.

Toys for Tots - One of our neighbors, Bob Sutter, collects toys for the Toys for Tots program each year.  We would like to throw our entire neighborhood's weight behind his efforts.  The program has a great need for donations this year, andaccepts unwrapped gifts for children from 0-12 years old from now until Christmas day.  We are hoping many people will stop by to donate gifts on the night of the Luminaries as they walk/drive throughout the neighborhood light display.

Holiday Light Contest - In addition to the candles lighting our streets, we would love to create a contest for the best holiday light display.  Pictures of each neighbor's display would be posted to Facebook and whoever gets the most "likes" would win a prize!  Let's get some friendly competition going and see our neighborhood glow!

Carolers - A holiday tradition that just isn't seen enough these days is caroling.  We would love to organize a group of carolers who could potentially visit several of our neighborhood shut-ins or elderly on the night of the Luminaries.  Right now, we really don't have anything specific planned, so volunteers for this area are definitely encouraged.

 If you're willing to participate in any capacity just e-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SON Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2014


Sherwood Oaks Neighbors held a General Members Meeting on the 11th of November
Start Time: 7:00pm
End Time: 8:40pm

Discussion with and Questions for Councilmen (Daryl and Tom)

Q: What is the most effective way for neighborhoods to proceed when working with the council? What are examples (successful and unsuccessful) of efforts he has worked on for various neighborhoods in his district. Why did they succeed or fail?
A: Be active--show up to public hearings and voice concerns. Get involved early in the process and reach out to developers to influence the outcome.  

Q: Why is there no plan for the south side for quality multi use projects such as those by the Bryant Part neighborhood or as along the B-Line?
A: This is a success story was due to a core group of neighborhood members coming to meet with the city and site developers. Come present a convincing argument at the public hearing and your voice will be influential.

Q: What effort is the city making for attracting higher end retail to the south side?  Lucky's is a good start, but we need more of that.
A: They are coming. There will be a revitalization of the vacant Marsh. There is no new news. Planning does not have a large roll to play in reusing buildings but has a much larger role to play in new construction and multi building projects.

Q: Why is there so much lower income housing on the south side?  I think giving them Brenda's list is a good idea.
A: The city is in the process of remaking the comprehensive plan, which is a visioning document and is very much used during future planning. There are components of land use and housing policies.  In 2015 there will be a draft plan out for public hearing. Past the planning process code and zone changes will take a few years after the plan is complete.

Q: The area on mid South Walnut between Dodds and Southern could use significant improvement.  Is there anything the city can do to move this area towards revitalization?  While it does not directly impact on Sherwood Oaks it is symptomatic of of problems on the south side.
A: The emergence of switch yard park is going to increase property values and attract real estate investments. Once the B-Line was announced, property values increased and the area was revitalized. This is anticipated with the emergence of the park.
     South Walnut is mainly used as a thoroughfare to get places, and as such there is not a lot of beauty and shopping. South Walnut is currently among a list of areas to revitalize--but that would mean changing the road, increasing sidewalks and reducing the amount of traffic flow.
  There is a 10 acre property for sale. Zoned Residential Multifamily (Low Density). Capped at 70 units. The property is currently 100% wooded with steep slopes. 5 acres cannot be developed due to sink holes, and environmental constraints. We will be contacted if there are plans for development. There will be a public hearing for any development plans.

A: Why city has refused to extend hillside from walnut to Rogers street?  Traffic jam at walnut grimes intersection is ridiculous.
Q:   Currently there are no plans to extend hillside because 1) it would be very complex to do work in a floodplain over clear creek; 2) the city plans to do a large community park on the south side which would be in the place of the road.

Q: What is happening with I-69?
A: I-69 is coming. Preliminary construction starting with That Rd and moving north. Completion in 2016. Tapp and Rockport will become a stop light. Fullerton Pike improvement beginning at Kroger South and moving toward I-69. The county will be making a presentation about the plans for road improvement in December. Look in your newspaper for more news and updates.

Q: Will the new downtown transportation hub stimulate any changes to our neighborhood bus service?
A: No not currently.

Q: Are there plans to expand the bus route schedule to come to SWO every half hour instead of only hourly.
A: No not currently.

Q: What is the future transportation plan for the city? Expansions? Contractions? Fare increases? Alternate ways to collect fares -- passes, etc.?
A: No changes at this time. Density and demand drive bus routes. There won't necessarily be expansion of routes.

Additional information presented during Discussion:
--The speedway noise is an issue in the neighborhood. Daryl will ask about the noise. We can draft a letter to the 3 commissioners on behalf of the neighborhood asking to impose a quiet time.
--The clubhouse at Acadia court is not in violation of building permits, although it remains incomplete. Tom will call on our behalf for more information.
--Regarding Parking Meters: there have not been any complaints from constituents, but from business about hours of enforcement. Some SON members complained about no longer going downtown to park. Others voiced that they enjoy not having to circle for a spot downtown any more. The City is concerned with students warehousing cars downtown and thus have chosen longer enforecement hours to decrease the likelihood of this occurring.  One member would like to see a "grace period" for ticketing--not ticketing within 20minutes of the meter expiring, but rather issuing a warning during this time as a sign of compassion.
--There was a complaint that the city should mandate parking be built-in for new construction.  Tom expressed that it is difficult if not impossible in many areas to build underground parking garages due to the topography and bedrock in the area.
--Improving the intersection at Allendale, Winslow and the YMCA intersection was discussed. Introducing crosswalks, warning lights and monitoring traffic violations are all improvements SON would like to see occur in the spring/summer. An evaluation process would lead to discussion with SON and recommendations.

Executive Board Update and Election
--Adam Morrison was elected to the Executive Board
--A member asked what was the role of SON and similarly, the roles of members of the executive board as well as the neighborhood mission statement overall.  Executive Board meeting minutes are disseminated after each meeting.  The board has chosen to have some designated roles to facilitate organization such as President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Community Outreach/Block Captain Lead member.  The mission of the overall neighborhood group can be found on the Facebook page and blog.  If the mission statement is updated and/or longterm and short term goals are formulated/discussed, they will be detailed in the minutes.  The designated roles of board members will be discussed at the next Executive Board meeting and will be sent out to the general membership.
--The primary goal of SON at this time is to facilitate growing an active community within Sherwood Oaks.  The primary goal of the SON Executive Board is to act as a unified voice on behalf of SON amongst the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) and and represent SON within the City of Bloomington.

Miles of Lights Luminary Display 
--DATE: December 14th 6:00pm
-->Rain Date of December 21st.
More information to come!!  
Please e-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com if you would like to participate.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sherwood Oaks Neighbors Meeting Scheduled for November 11, 2014

Darryl Neher, our City Councilman, and Tom Micuda, the Bloomington Director of Planning and Transportation, will be at our next Sherwood Oaks Neighbors meeting to discuss plans for the south side of Bloomington. This will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions and give input on development on our side of town.  As you have probably noticed, the property behind Pizza Hut is for sale and zoned for multi-family use so this is one area of concern.  In addition to the south side discussion we will also plan our December luminary display.  If you are going to go to any Sherwood Oaks meeting this year, this is probably THE one to attend.  We are not doing meeting announcement flyers this time because they do not appear to be terribly effective. What does work is word of mouth. Please invite your neighbors to the meeting and feel free to print this e-mail post to give to them. Thank you!!
Sherwood Oaks Neighbors meeting
Tuesday, November 11, 7PM
Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Room 361

Sherwood Oaks Neighbors Executive Committee,
Bob Boch, Tisa Bowden, Juan Carrasquel, Judy DeVore, Pat & Jim Jeffries, Lauren Morrison  Brenda Ogborn, & Lisa Wrasse

Friday, August 22, 2014

Little Free Library now open!

The SON Little Free Library is open!  The concept is "take a book, leave a book" so if you have a book you think a neighbor would like to read feel free to bring it and leave in the library. Thanks again to Bob Boch and Greg Abbott for installing!!
Enjoy, everyone.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SON Meeting Minutes - August 16, 2014

Meeting Called By: General Assembly 
Note Taker: Tisa Bowden
Start Time: 10:04am
Real Estate Update Juan Carlos Carrasquel
Discussion: There is a recently updated website with neighborhood home sales: http://www.juansells.com/sherwood-oaks. Neighbors are urged to maintain their
property and update their home interiors because their property values will increase. Homes sold this year versus previous years is a bit lower than average due to some homes needing updating—and taking longer to sell. Check website for current homes for sell and statistics about the neighborhood.
Other Information: There was a side discussion about whether a neighbor’s lack of maintenance will affect home value—Juan responded yes, in part, but the best you can do is to make sure your home is well maintained. If things really get out of control with grass or landscaping the city may be called to enforce fines.
Conclusions: Typically 20 to 25 homes in Sherwood Oaks and Sherwood Oaks 2 change over within 1 year. The more work you put into your home the more money you will get out. There are neighbors in Sherwood Oaks that provide home remodeling services.
Action Items: None mentioned 
Block Captains Lauren Morrison
Discussion: The neighborhood is looking for “Block Captains” to be responsible for neighborly relations for a block of 25 to 40 houses surrounding their own. 15 groupings were displayed on a map and members were encouraged to sign up to be captains for their group. 5 new captains signed up.
Other Information: Suggestions for captain’s responsibilities include: welcoming new neighbors with a friendly face (and maybe baked goods), drumming up support for SON general assembly meetings, encouraging block parties and/or ice cream socials.
Conclusions: More block captains are still needed in order to cover all of SON. Please e-mail Lisa at Sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com.
Action Items: Block Captains will be contacted via e-mail with Person Responsible: Lauren Morrison Deadline: August 22nd, 2014 additional information
Directory of Services Lauren Pester
Discussion: Sherwood Oaks has over 400 households with many talented people. If you live in SON and would like to advertise your work or hobby for free, please sign up for our “SON services directory” by e-mailing sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com with your Name, Service Offered, and Contact Info.
Other Information: Services Offered could include: Baking for new neighbors (block captains could call on these people for baked goods); Producing Art Work or Jewelry, a Mary Kay (or other beauty product) Rep; Home remodeler/painter; Dog Walker, Lawn Mower, etc. etc.
Conclusions: Service Directory to come, pending participation
Action Item: Compile Service Directory Person Responsible: Lauren Morrison Deadline: TBD
Little Free Library Lisa Wrasse
Discussion: The Little Free Library (LFL) is ready to be installed. SON is waiting on Lowe’s to install the post—they have canceled the past 2 dates due to
possible rain. The LFL will include books for both children and adults and will be located at 3728 S. Bainbridge (once post is installed). Donations for books are being accepted.
Other Information: The LFL is FREE! You may take a book and leave a different book OR you may return the book you borrowed. The LFL runs on the honor system.
Conclusions: E-mail will be sent when post installation is complete to encourage members of SON to begin using the LFL.
Action Item: Post Installation Person Responsible: Lowe’s Deadline: ASAP
LFL UPDATE: Post has been installed (thanks Bob Boch!) and library will be up and running this weekend!
Treasury Update Bob Boch
Discussion: A $5 donation per household for SON is encouraged annually. The more funds SON receives, the more services/events we can offer. There is currently $286 in SON Checking Account at First Financial.
Other Information: Funds are used for projects such as the Luminary Display. A side discussion was held about improved safety on B-Line Trail. Thank you City of Bloomington for listening to members of SON and other neighborhood associations.
Conclusions: Donations can be sent to Bob. Checks to be made out to Sherwood Oaks Neighborhood.
Action Item: Donate $5 Person Responsible: ALL SON Members Deadline: At your Conveneince
Crawford Apartments Bob Boch
Discussion: There have not been any problems with Crawford Apartments that relate to the neighborhood. The police or a liaison are generally always on site, but have thus far only responded to medical emergencies. Some people have been asked to leave if they were not fulfilling the mission of Crawford. Those apartments have been filled with new candidates.
Other Information: Crawford Apartments is looking for volunteers to assist residents with basic living skills (such as budgeting, grocery shopping, socialization, etc). Residents of Crawford Apartments must be considered chronically homeless to qualify for an apartment and be willing to receive services (such as social work, mental health, vocational rehab, etc) to gain and maintain employment. A member of the board of Crawford was discussed as a potential Speaker for the next general assembly meeting.
Conclusions: Residents of Crawford Apartments must be considered chronically homeless to qualify for an apartment and be willing to receive services (such as social work, mental health, vocational rehab, etc) to gain and maintain employment.
Action Item: E-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com if wishing to Volunteer Person Responsible: SON Members Deadline: none
SON Yard Sale Lauren Morrison
Discussion: SON Yard Sale will be held from 8am to 12pm on 9/6 with a rain date of 9/13. ALL families are welcome to participate by holding your own garage sale. You may post your own yard signs, additional signage at top and bottom of Allendale will be provided by SON.
Other Information: SON Yard Sale will also be advertised on Craigslist and potentially in the Paper. ReStore has been contacted for a potential pick up on Saturday so that any unwated, unsold items can be picked up by ReStore and donated to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Contact Lisa at
Sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com if interested in ReStore Pick up. They take any household items (appliances, nails, light fixtures, furnature etc.—do not take clothing, toiletries, perishables)
Conclusions: All families encouraged to hold a yard sale—the more families, the more sales.
Action Item: E-mail SON if wanting ReStore Pick up Person Responsible: SON Members Deadline: August 24th

***Looking For Volunteers For December Luminary Display!! 
Please e-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com***

End Time: 11:00am
Attendees: Pat Jefferies, Lisa Wrasse, Tisa Bowden, Bob Boch, Judy Devore, Lauren Morrison, Juan Carlos Carrasquel, Brenda Ogborn, Kelly Rockhill, Katy Strand, Frances Strand, Maryjane McNabb (and 4 others)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

meeting and garage sale dates

Sherwood Oaks neighbors, please mark your calendars for these dates:

1) Sherwood Oaks Neighbors meeting - Aug. 16, 10AM-noon. Room 361 Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. We will discuss plans for garage sale, block leadership & December luminary display.

2) Sherwood Oaks neighborhood wide garage sale - Sept. 6 (rain date Sept. 13)


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sherwood Oaks to Get Little Free Library

Sherwood Oaks is one of 15 Bloomington neighborhoods to receive a Little Free Library. The library will be located on South Bainbridge and will be "open" in August. 
Stay tuned for updates...

Little Free Libraries coming to 15 neighborhoods

from The Herald Times

Posted: Thursday, June 26, 2014 5:33 am | Updated: 9:03 am, Thu Jun 26, 2014.

The Friends of the Monroe County Public Library has received a $5,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation to buy “Little Free Libraries” for 15 neighborhoods. These mailbox-sized libraries have been called an “international movement” by the New York Times. The “take a book, return a book” tiny libraries foster better relationships, improve literacy and get neighbors to talk to one another.

Friends of the Library will promote awareness of the mailbox-sized libraries. Participating neighborhood associations will install the little libraries, promote use through association communications, maintain collections and structure and report on impact. Lowe’s will donate materials and labor and they will be built by R. Martin Woodworks.

“We are very excited about having a Little Free Library in our neighborhood and have in fact been talking about doing this for some months,” said Carol Gulyas, president of the Near West Side Neighborhood Association.

Karen Franks, president of the Monroe County Friends of the Library, added, “This is a wonderful extension of the excellent services extended to our community each and every day. It is exciting to be part of an international

“One of the areas of focus for the Duke Energy Foundation
Calloway, Duke Energy Monroe County community relations manager. “Little Free Libraries are a creative way to cultivate a love of reading within the community.”

The Little Free Libraries will begin appearing in neighborhoods in mid-summer.

About The Duke Energy Foundation

The Duke Energy Foundation makes charitable investments on behalf of Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the United States with 7.2 million customers in six states. Over the foundation’s long history in local communities, it has identified focus areas that maximize the foundation’s dollars and guide the foundation’s giving.

The foundation makes grants supporting the environment, economic development, education and community vitality. In Indiana, the Duke Energy Foundation invests approximately $2 million annually for community support and charitable contributions. To learn more about the Duke Energy Foundation, visit www.duke-energy.com/community.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blooming Neighborhoods Celebration

On June 7th, SON executive committee members Jim & Pet Jeffries and Judy DeVore staffed the Sherwood Oaks table at the city's annual Blooming Neighborhoods celebration.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Farmer's Market to visit and check out our neighborhood photo album.  If you have photos you'd like included in the neighborhood album please e-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com.

Sherwood Oaks also has an entry in this month's Art Right Up Your Alley display in the City Hall atrium.  SON exec committee member Lisa Wrasse contributed a photographic piece showing four seasons in Sherwood Oaks.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Minutes of SON Meeting: April 26, 2014

Minutes of Sherwood Oaks Neighbors Meeting
April 26th,10-11:30 AM, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Room 361. 

In attendance: executive committee members Bob Boch, Juan Carrasquel, David Hart, Brenda Ogborn, Lisa Wrasse, and approximately twenty Sherwood Oaks neighbors. Meeting chaired by Lisa Wrasse.

Guest speaker Carmela Garcia from Habitat Restore explained the mission and products of Restore and invited neighbors to shop, donate and volunteer.  She explained that profits from sales go to fund Habitat housing.  So far six houses have been built through store income. For those not at the meeting, a very good overview of Restore is available on the web site:
On June 14, 2014 Restore will have a ten year party, open to the public, from 10:30-5:30.

Tisa Bowden,a resident of Sherwood Estates, proposed that her neighborhood and Woods Edge join Sherwood Oaks Neighbors. These are the two neighborhoods just south of Sherwood Oaks.  After some discussion, neighbors in attendance voted in favor of adding these neighborhoods to Sherwood Oaks Neighbors. Lisa Wrasse pointed out that we will have to amend the SON map on file with the city of Bloomington, and that we will need to have a representative from Sherwood Estates and Woods Edge on the SON executive committee.  Tisa will meet with residents of Sherwood Estates and Woods Edge and will report back to the SON exec committee on whether the consensus is to join SON.

Lisa explained that SON bylaws state executive committee commitments are for two years, and that two years have passed since our last executive committee election. She announced that current members David Hart and Ellen Lyon have chosen not to stay on the committee and thanked them for their service. Lisa then asked for volunteers for the 2014-2016 executive committee.  Judy DeVore, Pat and Jim Jeffries, and Lauren Pester volunteered to join the committee. Current committee members Bob Boch, Juan Carrasquel, Brenda Ogborn, and Lisa volunteered to continue serving on the committee. Lisa noted that Ceci Schrock is continuing on as SON’s Neighborhood Watch liaison. Neighbors in attendance voted in favor of electing the new executive committee: Bob, Juan, Judy, Pat, Jim, Brenda, Lauren & Lisa. If Sherwood Estates becomes part of SON, Tisa Bowden will represent that neighborhood on the SON executive committee.

Lisa announced that SON has applied for a Little Free Library 
(see www.littlefreelibrary.org for info) through a grant Monroe County Public Library is pursuing with Duke Energy.  Lisa should hear from the library sometime in June about whether we will receive the grant and will report to the neighborhood. Neighbors in attendance agreed Little Free Library would be great for our neighborhood and made plans to pursue purchasing one or two Little Free Libraries if we do not get a grant. 

Neighbors discussed plans for a spring/summer neighborhood activity. Lisa suggested that next year we start an annual social activity in May but that it is too late to plan something for May of this year.
Neighbors decided that a neighborhood garage sale would be good this year, perhaps followed by a picnic at the park.  Neighbors agreed on the garage sale date of September 6th, with a rain date of September 13th. More planning will occur in the executive committee. If anyone wants to help plan this event, please e-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com.

Bob reported that SON has $187 and that we rely on voluntary donations to fund our activities. An additional $50 was donated by neighbors at the meeting (thank you!), bringing our current total to $237. SON members are requested but not required to make an annual $5 donation. Bob stated that it is cost prohibitive for SON to become a non-profit organization. So, unfortunately, contributions are not tax deductible.  Donation checks should be made payable to Sherwood Oaks Neighbors and can be mailed to our treasurer: Bob Boch, 1032 East Jennifer Court. 

The meeting closed with general questions and discussion, and thanks to those in attendance.  A neighbor on Laura Way reported that around 5:30 AM on Tuesday, April 22nd, someone on a moped got into mailboxes and opened & scattered mail all down the street.  It is unknown whether this was reported to police but it has since been reported to Neighborhood Watch. 

Bob inquired about whether the Sherwood Oaks would be receiving street trees from the city this year.  Lisa indicated she would follow up on this with Barb Fisher.  Post-meeting, Lisa contacted Barb who referred her to Lee Huss with city of Bloomington. Lee stated that we should get the requested trees mid-May and that since it is a small request neighborhood volunteers will not be needed for planting. Neighbors receiving trees will have to water them, however. Tree species and standards can be found in the city Tree Care Manual: www.bloomington.in.gov/treecare.  Lee indicated the city can usually work small neighborhood tree requests (six trees or fewer) into the schedule at least once a year in spring or fall.  But he added that with the arrival of the Emerald Ash Borer, more city resources will be spent on replacing Ash trees in neighborhoods for the next four years. Lee said that Sherwood Oaks has very few Ash trees but Peppergrass, Tamarron, and Southern Oaks neighborhoods have a very high number. Lee said he prefers that requests come from neighborhood associations (as opposed to individuals). So, if you are interested in a city tree for the area between the sidewalk and street in front of your home please e-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com

Neighbors discussed additional ways of connecting and getting the word out about SON.  One idea was to have block captains responsible for small sections for the neighborhood. Another idea is to have a welcoming committee that would make sure new Sherwood Oaks residents receive information about SON.  Plans were made to develop these ideas in the executive committee.  If anyone wants to help develop block captains or new neighbor outreach please e-mail sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com . Thank you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Neighborhood Meeting April 26th

Reminder: Sherwood Oaks Neighbors will meet April 26th, 10AM, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, room 361. We will have a guest speaker from Habitat Restore and will elect executive committee members. Executive committee commitments are for two years. If you are interested in serving on the committee please write sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com. We will also discuss a possible grant for a Little Free Library, plan a spring/summer social, and we will hear from a resident of Sherwood Estates about possibly partnering with that neighborhood. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

calling all Sherwood Oaks artists

“Art Right Up Your Alley” is a community-based art exhibit sponsored by the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) in partnership with the City of Bloomington Arts Commission celebrating the neighborhoods of Bloomington. The exhibition will run June 1—30, 2014 in the City Hall Atrium. The opening celebra- tion will be Saturday, June 7 10:00 a.m.—noon coinciding with HAND's Blooming Neighborhood Celebration.

This exhibit will feature work that showcases neighborhoods of Bloomington—their architecture, environment, people and activities. Any media and neighborhood-related subject matter suitable for hanging in a public space will be eligible for submission, Submitted work must be original to artists.
Questions: Contact Miah Michaelsen at michaelm@bloomington.in.gov or 812.349-3534

Artist Eligibility
Resident of Bloomington Ages 18 and older
Submission Information
Email Miah Michaelsen at michaelm@bloomington.in.gov by May 1st and provide the following:
a JPG of the artwork (file size not to exceed 2MB)
Artwork Dimensions Artist name Contact Information 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring 2014 Update

Hi neighbors,
Happy spring!  The Sherwood Oaks Neighbors exec committee met last night to plan for the upcoming neighborhood wide spring meeting.  The meeting will be Saturday, April 26, 10AM in room R361 of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. [You will need to enter door #3 and go up the stairs.] Since that's a month away there are a few things everyone can do in the meantime:

1) If you would like to be on the SON executive committee please write sherwoodoaksneighbors@gmail.com.  We lost one member to a move last year and we have at least on other member who cannot continue on the committee. So, we definitely need more folks to help plan, brainstorm and do other behind the scenes stuff. It's fun and informal. Please consider putting your name in if you are interested.  We will vote to confirm new committee members at the next meeting.  As per our by-laws, exec committee positions are for 2 years. 

2) Another item on our spring agenda is our bid for a grant through Monroe County Public Library/Duke Energy for  a Little Free Library. If we don't get this particular grant we can apply for a city grant to fund this. For more info see littlefreelibrary.com.  Basically, this is a very small library on a pole (like a birdhouse) that everyone can use.  It will need to be in someone's yard. 

3) Here's a random question for ya: does anyone have a maypole?  At the last meeting folks expressed interest in a spring or summer social event. Since school summer break is now only 8 weeks we are thinking that summer may not be a good time to plan, since many families will have a lot to cram into the shortened vacation. We were thinking a good alternative might be May Day.  There are many May Day traditions we could start. A maypole dance is one option...but, of course we need a maypole. Another simple idea we could do is leave flowers on our neighbors' doors. Another idea is a parade down jackson creek trail or a simple picnic at the park.  Please send in your ideas.   

4) The exec committee also discussed ongoing ways we can promote community in our neighborhood, such as walking groups, bicycling groups, placement of a bulletin board at the park (b-board would need to be funded through a grant and would need to be approved by Parks & Rec, of course)....please send in any ideas you might have. Thanks!