Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oct. 17 Letter to the Editor about our neighborhood

Letter: Living in community

October 17, 2012

To the editor:

I wish Janet Greenblatt and Marion Sinclair much success with their planned cohousing community (H-T, Sept. 27). I admire their stated goal of creating a new southside neighborhood, “where people watch out for each other and help each other.” We also have every opportunity to “choose to live in community” in our existing neighborhoods.

I live in the southside Bloomington neighborhood of Sherwood Oaks, where we have abundant sidewalks and green space that encourages neighboring. Friendly faces and greetings are common, when going out for a stroll. When my family has needed help, my neighbors have always been there.

Last year, several Sherwood Oaks neighbors got together to form a neighborhood association to create even more ways for residents, of our large neighborhood, to connect. We discovered that the Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development department (HAND) is an incredible resource in supporting community within neighborhoods.

In particular, HAND program manager Vickie Provine has been an invaluable help with organizing, grant opportunities, and anything else we could possibly need to grow in community. Thank you, Vickie! So yes, let’s create new neighborhoods designed with community in mind. But let us also recognize, celebrate, and preserve the community in our established neighborhoods.

LISA WRASSE, Bloomington


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