Friday, December 4, 2015

Miles of Lights Letter to the Editor

Published Friday, December 4, 2015 in The Herald-Times 

To the editor:
On Sunday (Dec. 6), neighbors of Sherwood Oaks, Sherwood Estates and Woods Edge will line their streets with luminaries for all to enjoy.
The annual Sherwood Oaks Neighbors Miles of Lights tradition began on the very day of the Sandy Hook massacre.
Two years later, Miles of Lights happened to coincide with the third anniversary of that horrible tragedy.
Now back to back unspeakable violence in Paris and San Bernadino serve as a backdrop to our neighborhood lights.
And so, Miles of Lights has come to be about more than just setting out candles on a dark December night.
It is about people coming together to make something beautiful for each other, remembering just how precious life is.
Each light matters.
Every neighbor matters.
Our candles are not the concrete action needed to fight the proliferation of guns and culture of violence in this country but they are, at least, a visual statement that there is still more light than dark.
The violence does not define us.
It is not who we are.
Lisa Wrasse

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