Tuesday, October 25, 2011

November 12th meeting location, call for agenda items

We have found a meeting room for November 12th, from 11-12, at the Sherwood Oaks Christain Church. The room is R362. Please enter on the west side of the building, the door is marked with a large 3. Go up the stairs (or elevator), turn right, follow the hallway left. The room is about halfway down that hallway to the right. There is a sign at the top of the stairwell and the rooms are marked. There will be no childcare available so the church requests this: "There are several meetings in the same area that day so if folks do bring children, please make sure they stay in the room with you and are not allowed to roam the hallways unattended."

Vickie Provine of H.A.N.D. (Housing and Neighborhood Development) will be our guest speaker to talk to us about starting a neighborhood association and to address our questions.

Possible Agenda Items for This and Future Meetings:
-next meeting date and place
-discuss the Winter Luminary Project (see our Oct. 1 blog post for details)
-getting the word out
-volunteer board/committees and/or block leaders
-"Sherwood Oaks Neighbors"
-finances: donations for specific events and/or projects
-future of "goat farm" property

Please send us your ideas for agenda items for this and future meetings. Thanks.

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