Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sherwood Oaks Neighbors constitution draft

Below is a draft of the Sherwood Oaks Neighbors constitution....Please review prior to the March meeting. Thanks!


Article I – Name
The name of the organization shall be Sherwood Oaks Neighbors.
Article II – Purpose
The purpose of the Association shall be:
To promote communication on issues of interest to members of the Area.
To enhance neighborhood identity and sense of community in the Association.
To provide networking opportunities for the development of social activities for members of the Association.
To work together on problems and issues of common concern.
To provide a voice for the members of the Association.
The Association will not be involved in neighborhood policing nor code enforcement.
Article III – Membership
Membership in the Association shall be restricted to adults residing in Bloomington, Indiana and within Sherwood Oaks I and Sherwood Oaks II, bounded as follows:
ON THE NORTH: Bradshire Street; ON THE SOUTH: Heather Drive; ON THE EAST: Bradshire Court/Browning Lane/Clairmont Place, Dunstan Drive, Elliston Drive, Linda’s Way, Laura Way; ON THE WEST: Wellington Court/Ellington Court/Jennifer Court/Preston Court; Provided, however, that any adult person residing in a contiguous area or owning property within, but not residing within the boundaries of the Association may become a member by approval of the Executive committee.
Any duly qualified member shall have the right vote at meetings of the Association. The Association shall have the right to assess dues for the support of the Association. Dues shall be voluntary and assessed at 5.00 per year for each member. Voluntary supplemental contributions shall be welcomed and accepted.
Article IV – Meetings
Regular meetings shall be held at least semi-annually, and more frequently, should the need arise. Meetings of the Association shall be held at such time and places as the Executive Committee may select. Five (5) Association members in good standing may also call a meeting. Members may submit agenda items prior to a meeting. New items not on the agenda shall be tabled until a future meeting unless time allows for discussion at the end of the meeting.
Five members present shall constitute a voting quorum at any regular or special meeting.
Each member may cast one vote for each proposal under consideration at an Association meeting.
A vote may be cast by proxy or e-mail when an association member is unable to attend a meeting in person. Members will be notified of upcoming meetings and agenda items via the Sherwood Oaks Neighbors blog and e-mail distribution list. Members without internet access may request an alternate form of communication.
A simple majority of 51 % (or more) of the votes case shall amend the Constitution and incorporate proposals into the Association by-laws, or shall elect nominees to office.
Article V – Standing Committees
The Executive Committee
Shall consist of 3-5 Association members.
Three (3) of its members present shall constitute a quorum.
A simple majority of 51% (or more) of votes cast by its members shall pass any item on it‘s agenda.
Shall be elected at the spring meeting and shall serve a term of 2 years.
Shall exercise all the powers given it by the Association, Constitution, and by-laws.
Shall coordinate and administer the objectives of the Association.
Shall recommend and submit new policies and changes in the Constitution and its by-laws for approval by the membership.
Shall appoint a chairperson from the Executive Committee to act as spokesperson for meetings.
Shall appoint a Secretary who shall record votes and keep meeting minutes, and keep all pertinent, permanent communications.
Shall appoint a Treasurer who shall deposit fund in the name of the Association, keep financial records, and disburse funds.
Shall recruit volunteers from Association on an as-needed basis to work on special projects.
Shall verify and maintain the Association’s membership roll and maintain records of Association officers and committee members.
Shall conduct all business of the Association and direct the Treasurer to disburse funds.
May grant membership to persons residing outside the Association boundaries.
Shall verify and maintain the Association’s membership roll and maintain records of Association officers and committee members.
Shall contact members on matters of importance relative to the Association.
Shall notify members of upcoming meetings and events.
Shall develop ideas and create proposals for grants that will benefit the Association.
Article VI – Amendments
Amendments to this Constitution and its by-laws may be proposed at any Association meeting.

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