Monday, September 17, 2012

Next Meeting October 8th

Please plan to attend and help spread the word: Our next Sherwood Oaks Neighbors meeting will be held Monday, October 8th, 7-9 PM, in the Chapel at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. This is an important meeting as Mayor Mark Kruzan will be on hand to talk about his vision for the south side of Bloomington. We have a few changes coming up in our area (planned Ivy Chase development immediately behind us off Walnut St. Pike, apartments for chronically homeless next to ReStore building, possible widening of Rhorer Rd.). The SON executive committee felt this would be an opportune time to hear from Mayor Kruzan. We will also attend to other agenda items, including the Oct. 20 planting of the trees we have received with the city grant and planning for our December luminary display. If anyone has agenda items or questions you'd like the Mayor to address please send those along to us. And, if you are willing to help distribute SON flyers to your neighbors so we can get more involved, please respond to this post. We can definitely use more hands for that. Thanks, and hope to see you at the meeting and/or the tree planting!

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